Restaurant Il Mulino

Enjoy their unique authentic and modern dishes in a cozy, sociable and above all friendly ambience. A perfect place for example a good pasta.
The dishes are made with care on a traditional 'Sicilian' way. They work only with fresh ingredients and herb. In the restaurant there is space for 50 people and they have nice inside terrace where there is space for 20 people. Besides the possibility to have lunch, it is also a possibility to make a reservation for a group (more than 50 people). Besides that they have a extensive Italian wine list for a good price. The combination of the wine and dishes are sublime.


Restaurant Il Mulino is open daily from 12:00h to 21:30h. Parking in the area is free.

Call directly: 0031 (0)252 - 62 54 20

Restaurant de Heerekamer

A 'Heerekamer' was one of the most intimate spaces of a Regenthuis, among others.
They immediately felt like having a cigar at a nice Whiskey and enjoying each other's company in peace, while deliberating on how the world could be improved and a toast with the age-old goblet 'on prosperity and Women'

At De Heerekamer Lisse you also immediately get a sense, but then in exquisite food in combination with fine wines. The conversations may be diverse, but not too heavy. Take a moment to enjoy.


The Heerekamer is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 21:30. Parking in the area is free.

Call directly for reservations: 0252 - 74 51 05